A Wonderful Navion For Sale



Navion 403 is for sale and ready to fly away!

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This Twin Beech below has been sold.

1954 C45H     "Beech 18"

Volpar TriGear 

Easier to fly than a Beech Baron or Travelair and a lot more fun too!

Sorry, this plane is now sold.

6450 hrs Total Time   10,100 GW

Engines - 86 / 104 hrs SMOH

Props - Heavy Hartzells - 25 hrs SMOH

Interested in an aircraft loan?  Send me an email.

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 RV-3 projects available:

Project 1 includes all 4 sub-kits from Vans and much work is done...SOLD

Project 2 includes the empennage and wing kit (wing fuel tanks) and work is started.

One Lycoming O-320-E3D with 2200 hrs TT and logbook..SOLD

One Frey steel (commercially custom built) fuselage and wing jig to build RV3 or RV6...click here

One wood prop for RV3 refinished and ready to fly again.

One new Warnke prop for a RV-?

For more RV3 project information click here.

Write or call for details. karl@beech18.com    ph.818-391-5087


Sorry but this plane (RV-6A) has been sold...if you'd like another similar plane please contact me. 

RV- 6A

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Airframe & Engine Total Time: 550 Hours

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This plane is in a museum now....

Picture yourself in this...

mvc-019s.jpg (30568 bytes)

 2nd place at Oshkosh in 1995. Over 10,000 hours to build. A very special and unique plane.

For more information and photos of this Wedell-Williams Racer CLICK HERE

The only high cabin AT-11 in the world.  Click on the picture for a larger view.

This plane has been sold and lives in Oklahoma now.

More information is available on this unique plane by clicking HERE.

at11b.jpg (141504 bytes)

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Click thumbnail below to see C-182 For Sale:

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All these projects are possibly still available , or there ore others that can be found.

The following four aircraft are available. Contact us for more information. If these aren't available there are others.

Aircraft Number One

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Aircraft Number Two

plane2.1.jpg (16517 bytes) plane2.2.jpg (19328 bytes) plane2.3.jpg (16051 bytes) plane2.4.jpg (16874 bytes) 

plane2.5.jpg (17702 bytes)

Aircraft Number Three

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plane3.5.jpg (14397 bytes) plane3.6.jpg (17577 bytes) plane3.7.jpg (21698 bytes) plane3.8.jpg (17713 bytes)

Aircraft Number Four

plane4.1.jpg (16169 bytes) plane4.2.jpg (14815 bytes) 

1954 C45H Volpar TriGear

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