1948 Navion For Sale:     Scroll down for details.

This plane is hangared and very well cared for. It's ready to fly away today!

If you've been looking for a good Navion then you're in luck!

Picture above is Camarillo , California

Picture below is Santa Paula, California


1948   Navion N4403K            S/N: NAV-4-1403


Hours as of July 2014:     TTAF 3910 /     Hours January 2015: 3922

 Engine: SFRM 679 / STOH 89 with new cylinders/ 

Prop: SPOH 12 (prop overhaul done July 2014)

No oil or hydraulic leaks... she's a clean gal... looking for a new home.


let me know if you have any questions...    Karl@beech18.com    or cell phone 818-391-5087





Hartzell HC-2V20-4A1 s/n AK215

Blades V8833-4 s/n A52333 / A60247

Hartzell Balanced Spinner and Back Plate Assembly

Hartzell T-Drive C137-1B, s/n 403-A ( prop gov & hyd pump )

Hartzell Prop Governer A-1-C, s/n 328-A, 52203AD, HP REP 29

Hartzell Oil Transfer Unit s/n A259





Continental E225-4 s/n 35094-D-3-4

Carburetor, Bendix PS-5C, s/n 861943, parts list: 391583-6,ovh 6/85

Starter, Eclispe E-80

Magnetos, Bendix Type SGLN-21, p/n 10-51365-43

s/n Left: 207738 / Right 245472

Alternator, Skytronics Model 6560T 50 amp, s/n 9811-356

Hartzell T-Drive, Model C192-2, s/n 2119A ( fuel & vac pumps)

Fuel Pump, Thompson Products, Inc. 80 / PO AF01(601)-19670

Mfg. Dwg: TF1900, s/n TF484801W

Airborne Vacuum Pump, Model 211CC, s/n 12AL5236

Hydraulic Pump, New York Air Brake 55-1, p/n 67A025 / s/n A-328

Electric Fuel Pump, Adel, Type20113 / p/n 11171 / s/n 0C5703

Brackett Air Filter, BA 113

Harrison Oil Cooler with pressure control valve p/n AV-87C s/n 632

Air Wolf Remote Oil Filter, AFC-K008

Beryl D'Shannon, Crankcase Breather / Air Oil Separator, B70775-2

Symons, 20 Gallon Underseat Auxiliary Fuel Tank, Dwg. SY 102

Allen Aircraft Prod. Fuel Select Valv, p/n 6S122 s/n 6054, FT SEP98




Main Landing Gear Wheels and Brake Assemblies

with 7.00 x 8 4 ply tire and tube / Toe Brakes "Left Seat Only"

Nose Wheel Assembly with 6.00 x 6 4 ply tire and tube

Landing Gear Fairings

Nose Gear Enclosure and Main Gear Enclosures, both wheels





Battery - Gill G 35, s/n G01744141 and Battery Case (has since been replaced and update with an RG battery)

Landing Lights - G.E. 4509 and brackets

Rudder Position Light ( white )

Whelen A650 PG / PR combination position / wing tip strobe lights

includes wing tip mounted A490 power supplies and an under

panel mounted A490,TP-14 Syncronization Unit

Universal Strobe Corp. self-contained FS-4400 "Belly Strobe"

Grimes Vertical Fin Tip Rotating Beacon

Ignition Switch, ASC keyed

Heated Pitot Tube, PH502-12

Safe Air Stall Warning Indicator

Landing Gear Up Warning Indicator Horn

Landing Gear & Hydraulic System Indicator Lights

Circuit Breakers and Breaker Switches for all Electrical Equipment

Panel Post Lights with dimmer for all instruments

Dimmer for Internal Avionics Lights

12 volt DC Auxiliary Source

Avionics Cooling Fan and Ducts

COM 2 Antenna Panel Jack for Handheld connection

Hobbs Hour Meter




Garmin GNC 300XL, GPSCOM / Moving Map / IFR Certified

MD41 Annunciator / Switch Panel

KI 206 CDI / OBS

Garmin GPS 100 Panel Mount / Portable

King KX 155 NAVCOM with Glideslope

KI 209 CDI / OBS with Localizer Converter

KIng KMA 24 Audio Control Panel / Marker Beacon Receiver

Narco AT 150 Mode C Transponder

Terra AT 3000 Altitude Encoder

ACK Technologies, Mod: E-01 ELT, s/n 030527, D-CELLS & PX28A

PM 1000 4 place intercom, s/n H02976M

Brittain BSS Auto Pilot

Servo Valve BI-805, p/n 20464-200, s/n 518118

B-II AccuTrak Controller, p/n 111-002-500, s/n 520102

B-12 AccuFlite DG Adaptr, Mod BI-818,p/n 280-003-500, s/n 834001

Davtron DVOR

All Antennas, Cables, Headset Jacks, Push-to-talk, etc. for above





Turn Coordinator, Brittain TC100(EVS), p/n 604-200-200, s/n 327167

Directional Gyro, RCA 11D-2, p/n G502A, s/n 34304

Vertical Card Magnetic Compass, PAI 700

Horizon Gyro, Edo-Aire, type 5000 F-6, s/n A4574

Vacuum Valve, Regulator, and Filters

Airspeed Indicator, UTD 8100, p/n 8100-B.95, s/n 157903


Vertical Speed Indicator, United, p/n 7000C.31, s/n 1G039

Manifold Pressure Guage

Digital Tachometer, Horizon Instruments, Inc. Model P-1000

p/n: P 100110-111-00, s/n: 9927403, s/w p/n: P132001, Vers 1.06


Hydraulic Pressure Guage , US Guage, p/n AN5771-4, s/n 61414

Fuel Quantity Guage, with Main / Auxiliary Switch

Fuel Pressure Guage

Oil Pressure Guage

Oil Temperature Guage

Dual Cylinder Temperature Guage


EGT Guage


Outside Temperature Guage





Seat Belts, 4X

Fire Extinguisher

Baggage Tie-Downs

Tow Bar

Wing Root Ventilation System

Overhead Ventilation System






The L-17 (Navion) in Korea (From Aug. 1951 Flying Magazine)