Leland Hall Cameron

Nov. 7, 1911 - Jan. 27, 2007

TOLUCA LAKE - Leland Hall Cameron died peacefully on Jan. 27, 2007; he was 95. Memorial services will be held at the Methodist Church, 4832 Tujunga in North Hollywood on Sunday, Feb. 11 at 2:20 p.m.

Cameron was an aviation pioneer, United Airlines Captain (retired). He retained active memberships in the R.U.A.P., OX5, Aviation Pioneers Association adn Rotary. He resided in Toluca Lake for over 60 years and for more than 20 years he was married to Edna Bringleson Cameron whom he lost on June 8, 2005. 

Among the bereaving family are Edna's son and daughter, Gary Holman and Lynne Anderson and Lee's stepson Bob Boswick and their families.

Among the many friends and acquaintances were, Ron and Nancy Reagan, Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Jimmy Doolittle, the Rutans, Bill Harrah, Bob Hoover, Sandy Sanders, Chuck Yeager, Howard Hughes, Amelia Earhart and many others, including the less fortunate. Lee was never one to place himself above others over monetary values and could  be depended upon as a friend, even if you lost your shirt and ended up with egg on your face. He was the last person to kiss Amelia Earhart.

Cameron and his brother, Elwood, were heirs to the Cameron, an automobile built in the early 1900's. A model is showcased at the auto museum in Sylmar. Cameron and his company, Aerospace Products, globally known for Beechcraft parts and Volpar Engineering, manufactures and supplies parts for Twin Beechcraft airplanes and is operated by his partner, Larry Stahl at Whiteman Airport. Cameron is also accredited for  many military and civilian aircraft restorations, some of which were donated to museums.

Cameron was the Captain of the DC-4 that went down in the Gulf of Mexico in 1979. The story of his survival adventure is the topic ofFrancesco DiMeo's (pen name Prince Machiavelli) book, In Triumph . The depiction of Cameron's near fatal crash and agonizing week in a life raft is also the target for a Network Series Production featured on Junestar Media.

Cameron also raced his B-26 and in 1949 he placed in the Bendix race, which started in Mojave and ended in Cleveland. During the race he lost sight of the P-51's over Pueblo, Colo. One of which he had formerly sold to his friend , Jimmy Stewart.

He gave a speech last summer to the Racing Pilots Association at Cleveland. Cameron first became ill and dehydrated after that trip last October and was permanently hospitalized Dec. 14 with pneumonia. He remained in a semi-conscious state through the holidays and finally gave up the fight  Jan. 27.

We will always be at a loss without our old friend but will forever retain fond memories of the vast experiences that we shared with our fallen friend and comrade, Leland Hall Cameron 2007.

With Sincere Condolence,

J.Jay Agular, Junestar Media;

Larry Staha, Aerospace Products;

Francesco DeMeo, author, "In Triumph"

For more information, contact Larry Stahl, Aerospace Products, at (800) 257-9863.