June 2001 at VNY.   B-29 returning for precautionary landing.

If you'd like to read a great story of 35 missions in a B-29 during WW2, try  Ben Robertson's account "Bringing The Thunder."  To get an autographed copy you can click the book title below and you'll be taken to another web site with no direct return to this one. (You could use your browser's BACK button to come back here.) It's a fantastic and well told story written by Ben himself.

Bringing The Thunder  by  Ben Robertson

"A riveting account of 35 missions over the home islands of Japan" -- Clay Lacy - Renowned pilot and operator of the world's largest jet charter and  jet management facility.

"Great book! A must read! Best B-29 combat history ever!" -- Lyle Shelton - Six time winner in the Unlimited Class at National Air Races.

"I have read your book twice through and am at somewhat of a loss to adequately describe my impressions. A wonderful accounting..." --  Tom Britton - Smithsonian Air & Space Museum


Want to know more of what it was like to fly a mission in a B-29? Here is a link to a 36-minute documentary that was an Academy Award nominee in 1945.