Two RV-3 projects for sale. 

                                                                          I'll call them Project A and Project B.

The kit serial numbers are 11214 and 11225.

                    One with all four kits (Project A) and one with the empennage and wing kits (Project B). Both kits are wing fuel tanks. 


Project A  $9900  ...Tail, wing, fuselage and finish kits...This one is SOLD.

Project B   $2900  ...Tail and wing kits  AVAILABLE

Lyc O-320-E3D  $5000   2200 hrs TT with logs.  Serial No. L-46679-37A...SOLD.

Frey steel jigs   $3300  AVAILABLE

Wood prop    $500   -SOLD

Bernie Warnke Wood prop (not pictured)  $800   AVAILABLE



The spinner is for a Grumman Tiger and not part of the project. It's for sale too.  The engine cowling and the fuel tank skins are on the top shelf. The fuselage skin is on the middle (or bottom shelf in the picture).


On the top shelf from left to right are wing ribs with lightening holes removed and painted with Veriprime. Under those are hardware packages for the beef-up spar kits from Van's. I put the hardware in the plastic boxes. Moving to the right is the fuselage spar carry-through bulkhead assembly painted with Veriprime. Against the back is an aluminum panel that's been painted with Veriprime. The canopy in inside two black plastic bags and on the right side are the wingtips.



                                                    The two pictures above are the top and bottom fuselage skins.


                                                                                 The wing fuel tank bulkheads



                                                                              Elevator skins for project B


                                                                Horizontal stabilizer skins above for Project B



                                                                            Horizontal stabilizer for project B


                                                                                           Rudder Project B


                                                                       Vertical Stabilizer frame Project B


                                                                                       Rudder Project A



                                                                           Wing spars -- could be Project A or B


                                                                          Same wing spars, different view (above)


                                                                                            The second set of wing spars


                                                               Set of wing ribs, lightening holes removed and ribs primed and fluted


                   Wing nose ribs, holes cut, primed and fluted.                                      Wing tank ribs, covers made, holes cut, fluted.



                                                                          Set of wing ribs with lightening holes removed


                                             Tank ribs                                                                                                Wing nose ribs


                                                             Another look at unprimed wing ribs with lightening holes cut out.


                                                                    Vertical stabilizer, elevators and canopy frame  -- Project A


                                                Horizontal stabilizer, primed inside and acid etched and alodined outside --  Project A


                                                             The seat ribs and structure primed with Veriprime  -- Project A


                                                                           More of the seat parts, primed.  Project A


                                                                                The flap handle, primed   --  Project A


                                              Tailwheel strut                                                                  Main gear legs, primed and painted with Imron


                                     Main gear legs -- open for inspection             Project A                       Main gear and tailwheel strut back in storage



                                                                       Control stick and actuator rods, primed   ---  Project A


                                                                                      The bubble canopy  --  Project A



                       Dynafocal Lycoming engine/gear legs mount, primered and painted with Imron, gear leg tubes coated inside.    Project A


                       Main spar carry-through bulkhead assembly                Project A                 Fuselage bulkheads assembled and primed



                                                                 Rear spar carry through bulkhead, assembled and primed  -- Project A


                                                                                       Firewall assembly   --   Project A



                                                           This is the Frey set of jigs for the fuselage, wings, tail, cockpit.




    This prop flew on a RV3 for approx 350 hours and then was examined and refinished by a wood prop builder. I flew about 20 of those hours behind it. I removed the engine (O-320-E3D 150 hp) and installed an overhauled 160 hp version of this engine and at the same time bought a new prop to go with the "new" engine. The prop is ready for another "3".


                                      This is the plane the prop flew on. Built in 1985 by Curt Bryant and now is flying in Australia.



        The logbook for O-320-E3D engine that flew 370 hrs in RV3 above, and has 2200 hrs since new in 1977. Removed from a Piper.

                                                                             More pictures are coming soon.....please check back.